Hope and Valentines

I have a cool story to share.
Okay, maybe two stories to share.

For those of you who read my last blog and are continuing to read this one (thank you.. you have no idea how much it means to me that you'd continue to put up with my random thoughts) you might remember we writing about a guy from Royal Family Kids Camp way back in June. He was working at the camp site while we were there for a week at camp. We kept making eye contact because we thought each other was cute (I found out later on he had a little crush on me, mwuahaha my beauty never fails me.. okay totally kidding!). Anyways, I found him on facebook like a creeper and we started talking. He landed a job in Texas so on his drive down he stopped in the Tri-Cities and we met for coffee. An hour of chit-chatting and we were friends! We've kept in contact (through texting of course) and I mentioned my blog so of course he visited it and it must have been the day when I posted the Give Me Hope stories. Just yesterday I received a text from him that read:

"So while at Outback Steakhouse we happened to be sitting next to a couple whose kids went to the Pines (that's where he works, it's a Christian camp site where groups come in for camp) and after they left our waiter tells us that they paid for our whole meal. That gives me hope."

How cool is that? It was a clear reminder to me that I don't have to go to a website and read about hope giving situations in other people's lives (even though I really enjoy doing that) but there are hope giving situations in my life and the lives of people close to me. I just need to focus on them and the beautiful circumstances I am put in that can truly bring hope to my heart.

Story number two...

So I get two packages in the mail today. One is from my Grandma complete with a card, cookies, and chocolate. What an amazing Grandma I have. The other one is from Andrew Briggs. I open the box to find a teddy bear and a box of chocolates and the sweetest note you could ever imagine, asking me to be his valentine. He is such an amazing friend and I couldn't be more blessed to have him in my life. God has done such incredible things in his life and I've watched him grow in faith and into such an incredible Godly young man. Thank you Andrew B for making my day. You're the best.